Serving Mexico and the Lower 48

CalArk offers irregular route, general commodities contract services to locations throughout the lower forty-eight states and door-to-door service in and out of Mexico via Laredo, Texas. Our last-mile services reach the mid-South and Southeast United States.

Offering Real-Time Load Tracking

​ Our online portal makes tracking loads easy, freeing you from worry and wasted time. Once we receive your shipment, our knowledgeable team keeps you informed and delivers on time. With honest, reliable service, we make sure you know you're paying a fair price and when our drivers are arriving.

Providing Premier Services

CalArk is a premier truckload services carrier that business owners trust. Serving clients throughout the country, our solutions can't be beat. We work hard to go above and beyond for every client that we serve.

Dry Van Equipment

Conventional Tractors
with the Latest Tech

600+ Peterbilt, Kenworth, and International conventional tractors. All late models, equipped with electronic logs, GPS tracking, smart cruise, auto-braking, blind spot camera monitoring, air disk brakes, and extensive safety and comfort features for drivers.

Load Tracking

WebNTransit Login

For customers who want to track their loads real time, CalArk offers WebNTransit.

Request access to WebNTransit.

Dry Van Specs

2200+ high cube dry vans
53' x 102" with air ride
110" swing-open, vent doors
wood and nonskid with aluminum roof
log post
sliding tandems
Gross Max Cargo Weight: 45,000 lbs.

Operations Contacts

Midwest Region
Mon-Fri — 07:00-16:00
(501) 407-3305
Eastern Region
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3350
Arkansas Region
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3323
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3272
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3332
Texas Region
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3236
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3391
Laredo Region
(956) 725-7772
(501) 407-1408
(501) 407-1402
(501) 407-1401
(501) 407-1407
(501) 407-1400
Dallas Region
(501) 407-3302
Mon-Fri — 08:00-17:00
(501) 407-3350
(501) 407-3303
Monterrey, MX
Queretaro, MX
After hours please email:

A World-Class Safety Program

We put great emphasis on safe and defensive driving training here at CalArk. We have a company-wide, top-down understanding of and appreciation for the importance of safety and the impact it has on our company, on our industry, and on the motoring public.

Accident costs go beyond damaged equipment. Accidents affect company reliability and reputation, employee morale, insurance costs, productivity, recruiting, and retention efforts. We recognize the value of being committed to a world-class safety program, and we strive every day to be safer than the day before and to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.