4 Million Safe Miles

Curtiss Cline

At CalArk we feel honored that Curtiss continues to share his skills, experience, and incredible work ethic with us, even after hitting his 31-year anniversary last Saturday. Thanks for keeping the wheels of American business turning, Curtiss!

1 Million Safe Miles

Gabriel Deng

Gabriel Deng has spent seven of his ten years driving with CalArk. A resident of Chelsea, Massachusetts, he's originally from South Sudan and what his manager, Michelle Finn, calls a "go getter." She says he's "probably one of the hardest runners I’ve ever worked with. He is the man to call when you need the impossible to happen."

2.5 Million Safe Miles

Irish Fuggins

Irish Fuggins, of Shreveport, Louisiana, has been with CalArk for 20 years this June. Michelle Finn jokes she and Irish have a love/hate relationship because he has been here for so many years, but she adds that she would not trade him for the world. She can always depend on him when it comes to making on-time pickups and deliveries, and he can be a great team player.

1 Million Safe Miles

James Harrell

James Harrell, from Hawkinsville, Georgia, has driven for CalArk for 8 years and has a total of 16 years' driving experience. He works on the board of Ronnie Moore, who describes him as "a good guy to work with" who "always has a smile on his face." Director of Safety Leslie Stout says he's "receptive and positive" and "someone with whom she genuinely enjoys working."

1 Million Safe Miles

Carl Sparlin

Carl Sparlin has been with CalArk since 2011, and has 20 years of driving experience prior to CalArk in a sand tanker. Carl is from Conway, AR, is on Michelle Finn’s board, has been married to Viktoria for 26 years, and has two sons. When he is not driving, he likes to cook, work on his Kawasaki Vulcan (with which he is obsessed!), do home improvement projects, and watch Blue Bloods.

1 Million Safe Miles

Herbert Wolfe

Herbert Wolfe has accumulated a million safe miles with CalArk and is nearing 20 years as a driver.

2.92 Million Miles

Alexis Pohl

"Our Queen of the Highway" Alexis Pohl, as she's called by other Central and CalArk drivers, is retiring just shy of 3 million miles.

1.75 Million Safe Miles

Lual Madut

Lual has worked for CalArk for 13 years for a total of 15 years of experience as a driver. A man of few words and many miles, he's on Michelle Finn's board and always willing to put in the time to get loads where they need to go.

1 Million Safe Miles

Danny Taylor

Danny has worked for CalArk since April 2011 and works with his driver manager Michelle Finn. With 20 years of driving experience, he's known to be a hard runner who's always willing to go that extra mile.

1 Million Safe Miles

Timothy Bailes

Tim has worked for CalArk since March 2011 and is on Karen Dennis’ board. He's a jokester who likes to make people laugh, even when talking to Leslie Stout at 7:30am before she's had her coffee!

1.25 Million Safe Miles

Daniel Ricci

CalArk’s driver Daniel Ricci has been here ten years and has accumulated 1.25 million safe miles with us since starting on January 23, 2008. That’s a lot of miles...

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A World-Class Safety Program

“Choosing to be a professional driver means choosing to be a safe, defensive driver not only for yourself but for the motoring public around you.”
- Leslie Stout, CDS, Director of Safety, CalArk International

That is why we put great emphasis on safe and defensive driving training here at CalArk. We have a company-wide, top-down understanding of and appreciation for the importance of safety and the impact it has on our company, on our industry, and on the motoring public.

Accident costs go beyond damaged equipment. Accidents affect company reliability and reputation, employee morale, insurance costs, productivity, recruiting, and retention efforts. We recognize the value of being committed to a world-class safety program, and we strive every day to be safer than the day before and to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.