Timothy Bailes

1 Million Safe Miles

Tim has worked for CalArk since March 2011 and is on Karen Dennis’ board. He's a jokester who likes to make people laugh, even when talking to Leslie Stout at 7:30am before she's had her coffee!

From Columbia, Tennessee, he loves Nascar and golf and makes a trip to Talledega twice a year. He has been married to Kim since 1985 and has two kids. He started his driving career eleven years before joining us at CalArk.

He wears the hat shown in this picture everywhere (even to Talledega) so people ask about his safe driving pins. We're grateful to have drivers like Tim who are proud to be safe while making the wheels of American business turn. Thank you for being part of the CalArk family!

Other Awards Include:

Other Awards Include: Driver of the Year 2013, 100% On Time Delivery Award every year, Most Miles Award in 2014 and 2015, 5 Year Service Plaque in 2016