Robert Hayes

20 Years of Service

​CalArk would like to congratulate Robert Hayes on his recent 20 Years of Service Award. Robert is from Centralia, Illinois, where he lives with his wife Ann of 25 years. When Robert isn’t driving, he likes to ride his Yamaha V-Star 1300 or watch Elvis and John Wayne movies. He is also a fan of the show Sons of Anarchy and is looking forward to the spinoff Mayans coming to FX next month. He likes to listen to music and his favorite genres are country and oldies.

Prior to CalArk, Robert spent 10 years bouncing around with other trucking companies looking for a home. He credits his baby brother for getting him into the trucking industry, and his wife for his choice to stick it out with CalArk, where he also likes the great equipment and people like his driver manager, Donna Thompson. Robert says it is important to have a driver manager who understands him and knows and respects how he runs.

Before trucking, Robert was in the army from 1972-1978 where he did a "little bit of everything." Robert missed Vietnam by just three months. He was stationed in Germany for 2 years before he returned to the States and was stationed in Chicago. During his tenure in the army, he worked as a typist, in a warehouse, and in a medical unit as a clerk. In addition to his army and trucking experience, Robert also worked in gas stations, in warehouses, and was once a meat cutter.

Robert loves that trucking has allowed him to see all 48 states and plans on driving a truck as long as his health allows. Robert encourages new drivers to always "be calm, don’t get excited, and just do your job."

We thank you, Robert, for your service to our country and for your service to CalArk. It is committed and dedicated drivers like you who keep the wheels of American Business rolling.

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