Robert Anderson

1.25 Million Safe Miles

Robert Anderson had experienced many sides of the trucking business before he came to CalArk, as a driver, driver trainer, safety director, and owner of his own trucks. He's been with CalArk since 2009.

Leslie Stout, CalArk Safety Director, says that has meant a lot to her because they "understand each other so well. He has sat where I sit. He knows there are reasons for what I do, a 'method to my madness' when it comes to running a safety program. I could not ask for more support from a driver when it comes to creating and implementing policies to make us a safer fleet."

Michelle Finn, his driver manager, says, "Robert is one of the most outgoing, dependable, hard workers I know. He's always willing to get the job done, whatever it takes. CalArk is very lucky to have him as one of our trainers. No matter how bad a situation seems, he can always see the positive side. He's one that can walk into a room and put a smile on everyone's face with his great sense of humor. I wish I had many more like him."

Robert says good things about CalArk, too. He says he loves Michelle as his driver manager and loves CalArk, adding that he makes good money with us and has a great relationship with all departments.

When not driving or training other drivers, Robert likes to be home in Alma, Georgia, where he was born and raised, with his wife Sheri of 35 years. He enjoys spending his home weekends with his two sons and five grandchildren. Asked about hobbies like fishing or classic cars, he shakes his head and says, "I like to sleep."

CalArk respects his work and abilities so much he was made a driver trainer in July 2018. It's a testament to his professionalism, positive attitude, and knowledge of our company and the trucking industry as a whole.

Thank you, Robert, for your commitment to CalArk and trucking. Drivers like you keep the wheels of American business turning. Congratulations on reaching 1.25 million miles with us!

Other Awards Include:

100% On-Time Delivery, 50,000 to 1 million safe miles. 5 years of service, 10 years of service.