James Harrell

1 Million Safe Miles

James Harrell, from Hawkinsville, Georgia, has driven for CalArk for 8 years and has a total of 16 years' driving experience. He works on the board of Ronnie Moore, who describes him as "a good guy to work with" who "always has a smile on his face." Director of Safety Leslie Stout says he's "receptive and positive" and "someone with whom she genuinely enjoys working."

James' former driver manager, Shane Perryman, added that "if James trusts you, he will do whatever it takes to get the job done for you." Sometimes the job is stressful and drivers will get upset, but Shane said James will get off the phone and cool down before he will ever say anything cross to anyone. James has been asked to do many things he didn’t necessarily want to do, but he always does them above and beyond what is expected.

When James is not driving, he likes to be home spending time with his family. He also likes fishing, grilling out, and going to church. When asked what advice he would offer fellow drivers on how to be successful, he said to just "do your job, pay attention, and obey the laws."

We're so happy to show our appreciation for James, a fine example of the best CalArk drivers who work so hard to get their miles and keep the wheels of American business turning.

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