Keith Brewer

Driver of the Month - LTL - Arkansas

CalArk is  pleased to announce that our Warehouse Services - Arkansas August Driver of the Month is Keith Brewer! Keith has been with CalArk since February of 2014 and is the first Warehouse Services Driver to reach 5 years with no Accidents. Keith also represents CalArk Warehouse Services each year at the Arkansas Trucking Association's Truck Driving Championship.

CalArk is proud to have Keith on our team. If you see or speak to him, please be sure to tell him congratulations and job well done!

A World-Class Safety Program

“Choosing to be a professional driver means choosing to be a safe, defensive driver not only for yourself but for the motoring public around you.”
- Leslie Stout, CDS, Director of Safety, CalArk International

That is why we put great emphasis on safe and defensive driving training here at CalArk. We have a company-wide, top-down understanding of and appreciation for the importance of safety and the impact it has on our company, on our industry, and on the motoring public.

Accident costs go beyond damaged equipment. Accidents affect company reliability and reputation, employee morale, insurance costs, productivity, recruiting, and retention efforts. We recognize the value of being committed to a world-class safety program, and we strive every day to be safer than the day before and to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.